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Episode #10 Your Real Purpose (Telos)

We talk today about parenting and human purpose: not that parenting is human purpose, but that parenting creates us to be focused on others (to be practicers of agape).  Jarret and I discuss the ways... Read More
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Episode #8, The Case For Christ and Easter Week.

Sermon Recap: This week we  cover Sermon THE CASE FOR CHRIST by Glenn Gunderson Purpose Podcast is an opportunity to join Jarret Lemaster and Caleb Spencer and other hosts as they talk openly and freely... Read More
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Episode #7 Forgotten God, The Final Week

This Episode Ep. #7 Forgotten God, The Final Week, Caleb and Jarret discuss how to stay close to the Holy Spirit and Talk about the implications for doing so in culture and in life.  ... Read More

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